Facebook Novi: Wallet for Libra Digital Currencies

Author:  | Website: Novi.com
Publish on: 05/26/2020

The Novi wallet app is built on blockchain technology to enable people to move Libra, a borderless cryptocurrency, freely, securely and affordably.

Facebook renames its service that will let people send Libra digital currency to one another

Author: Jessica Bursztynsky | Website: CNBC
Publish on: 05/26/2020

Facebook is launching a cryptocurrency called Libra, with the intention of making it easier for people to send money across the world.

When will Bitcoin be taken seriously by the masses?

Author: Crypto AM: Technically Speaking | Website: City A.M.
Publish on: 05/26/2020

There are three types of people in the world today: People who have heard of Bitcoin, people who haven’t and

Why a Bitcoin Analyst “Doesn’t Understand” How People Are Still Macro Bearish

Author: Nick Chong | Website: Bitcoinist
Publish on: 05/26/2020

Believe it or not, there remain traders that are macro bearish on Bitcoin. That’s to say, there are some investors that think the capitulation crash to $3,700 was not the worst of the bear trend.

Digital Yuan Has No Launch Date, Bank of China Stresses Amid Rumors of Looming Rollout

Author: Cointelegraph By Stephen O'Neal | Website: Cointelegraph
Publish on: 05/26/2020

People’s Bank of China clarified that there is still “no timetable” on a formal digital yuan launch, despite the ongoing pilot project.

10 most promising Slovenian startups to watch in 2020 - EU-Startups

Author: Bojana Trajkovska | Website: EU-Startups
Publish on: 05/26/2020

Somewhere between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea lies a country with unspoilt nature, friendly people and delicious food.

Poll: More People Falsely Think That Bill Gates Is Enslaving Us With a Vaccine

Author: Terry Firma | Website: Patheos.com
Publish on: 05/25/2020

The pandemic started as a virus and turned into an IQ test. We're all failing.

Show HN: But how does Bitcoin work?

Author: bajcmartinez | Website: Livecodestream.dev
Publish on: 05/24/2020

What does it mean to have bitcoin?

U.S. Sanctions against China Tailwind for Bitcoin’s Bullish Moves

Author: Yashu Gola | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 05/24/2020

Bitcoin anticipates market growth as White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien threatens China with economic sanctions over Hong Kong national security law.