5 Bearish Candlestick Patterns Every Bitcoin Trader Must Know

Author: Cointelegraph By Scott Melker | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

There are simple bearish Japanese candlestick patterns that every Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trader should know — here are 5 of them

Bitcoin’s Reaction to This Critical Level Could Determine How It Trends In 2020

Author: Cole Petersen | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

After an extended period of trading sideways around $7,200, Bitcoin’s bears have once again gained control of the cryptocurrency and have sent to a key support level.

The Great Crypto Experiment Continues

Author: Andy Bromberg | Website: Coindesk.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

It wasn't a year for regulatory clarity, huge investments or mass adoption. Yet crypto still progressed.

Lawyers for QuadrigaCX clients request exhumation of late founder's remains

Author: The Canadian Press | Website: Ctvnews.ca
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Lawyers for clients who lost millions in the bankruptcy of the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange have formally asked the RCMP to exhume the remains of the firm's founder.

Cryptocurrency tycoon died leaving $145m in limbo. Now lawyers seek exhumation to check it's really him

Author: Amy Woodyatt, CNN | Website: CNN
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Lawyers representing users of the collapsed Quadriga CX cryptocurrency exchange platform are requesting that Canadian authorities exhume and examine the body of its late founder, Gerald Cotten, to

What’s the Best Way to Drive Bitcoin Adoption? Billionaire Says Crypto Giveaways

Author: Nick Chong | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Cryptocurrency has long been something given away.

Another Alleged SIM-Swap Cryptocurrency Thief Indicted

Author: Cali Haan | Website: Crowdfundinsider.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

A 23-year-old who allegedly used cryptocurrencies he stole from crypto executives and users to fund the purchase of houses, a Ferrari, a Rolex and the royalty rights to twenty songs was arrested in

Lawyers for QuadrigaCX clients request exhumation of late founder’s remains

Author: The Canadian Press | Website: Thestar.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

HALIFAX - Lawyers for clients who lost millions in the bankruptcy of the QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange have formally asked the RCMP to exhume the remains of the firm's founder.

Court in Centra Tech case explains how to calculate securities fraud damages when an investment was made in crypto - The Block Crypto

Author:  | Website: Theblockcrypto.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

How do you calculate damages in a securities fraud case where the “money” invested was actually cryptocurrency, and said “money” has fluctuated in value in relation to the dollar?  A December 13, 2

PayPal Sues Consumer Protection Agency for ‘Confusing’ Digital Wallet Rules

Author: Cointelegraph By Helen Partz | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Digital payments giant PayPal is suing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for making it provide disclosures for fees it does not charge

wash trading

Author: Omar Faridi | Website: Crowdfundinsider.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

December 14, 2019 @ 10:32 am By We recently caught up with Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Gate Technology, the parent company of crypto-asset exchange Gate.io and Wallet.io.

Lessons From the First Digital Gold Boom

Author: JP Koning | Website: Coindesk.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Long before crypto, there was digital gold. The boom of the mid-1990s has echoes for today.

It’s the Digital age: Try These Simple Tricks to Earn Extra Income

Author: Jacob Maslow | Website: Socialmediaexplorer.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

So you’ve been seeing the guy next door rocking the latest sneakers, designers, and living a pretty large life, but you cannot really pin your head around the job he does.

Billionaires Buying Bitcoin: Bill Pulte Announces 11 BTC Purchase

Author: Julio Gil-Pulgar | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

The number of billionaires holding Bitcoin continues to grow.

Quadriga: Lawyers for users of bankrupt crypto firm seek exhumation of founder

Author: Cloud Syndicate | Website: Cloudtweaks.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Lawyers representing users of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX are asking Canadian authorities to exhume the body of its founder.

15 Million Iranian Bank Accounts Were Breached

Author: Lily Hay Newman, Andy Greenberg | Website: Wired
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Telegram hacks in Russia, Senate encryption hearings, and more in the week’s top security news.

Monero Compliance Workgroup Says XMR Exempt From Funds Travel Rule

Author: Cointelegraph By Jack Martin | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Monero’s compliance workgroup concludes that FinCEN Funds Travel Rule does not apply to underlying assets and cryptocurrencies such as XMR

#cybersecurity | #hackerspace | Pensacola Hit with Ransomware Attack | Avast

Author:  | Website: Nationalcybersecurity.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Category: cyber security The city of Pensacola, Fla. is recovering from a ransomware attack by the Maze group, which shut down the city the day after a shooting at its Naval Air Station.

Bitcoin is This Decade’s Best Investable Asset

Author: Christine Vasileva | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Bitcoin has had its share of unnerving time periods – but over the last decade, it has been one of the best investable assets. Appearing as a “black swan”, BTC reached extraordinary valuations.

PIBBLE Achieves Market Capitalization of $956,063.00 (PIB) - Slater Sentinel

Author: David Hasegawa | Website: Slatersentinel.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

PIBBLE (CURRENCY:PIB) traded 6.9% higher against the dollar during the one day period ending at 7:00 AM E.T. on December 14th.

FRY's - $1 Clearance Computer Items - Can be Used for FS Filler - $1 FS Over $35

Author: TekkenLord | Website: Slickdeals.net
Publish on: 12/14/2019


These item are in limited stock. They can be used as fillers for anything over $35 for FS.

43% of Investors Interested in Bitcoin Are Women: Grayscale Survey

Author: Cointelegraph By Adrian Zmudzinski | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

A recent report published by Bitcoin fund operator Grayscale suggests that 43% of investors interested in Bitcoin are women

Your Digital Self: The next decade belongs to Africa as technology ripples through the continent

Author: Jurica Dujmovic | Website: Marketwatch.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Among the world’s 30 fastest-growing cities, 21 are in Africa.

Could Bitcoin Price Press Higher as PlusToken Liquidations Slow?

Author: Nick Chong | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Over the past few months, the crypto industry has been awash with news about the PlusToken Bitcoin scam, which allowed scammers to accrue billions worth of digital assets over the course of a year-

Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin Mining Still China-Centric, Ethereum Istanbul Live, Banks Use Blockchain For Bonds

Author: Nick Chong | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits.

Bitcoin Price Must Hit $7.3K to Avoid Bearish Bollinger Band ‘Squeeze’

Author: Cointelegraph By William Suberg | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

The inventor of Bollinger Bands warns his price instrument shows Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are facing an imminent return to volatile conditions

Myths and Realities: Sentiment Analysis for Crypto Assets

Author: Jesus Rodriguez | Website: Coindesk.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Jesus Rodriguez, CTO of IntoTheBlock and chief scientist of AI firm Invector Labs, delves into the complications and nuances of crypto sentiment analysis.

Cryptocurrency users want boss's body exhumed over theories he may have faked his own death

Author: Colin Drury, Colin Drury | Website: Independent
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Bitcoin millionaire Gerald Cotten was just 30 when he died - and was only person with passwords to digital wallets containing millions

What’s So Cool About the First Ethereum-Based Home Sale?

Author: Nick Chong | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

If you’ve perused Crypto Twitter at all over the past few months, you’ve likely heard the term “decentralized finance” or “DeFi” tossed around in relation to Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain

Liquidators retrieve Cryptopia customer info from US

Author: Stuff | Website: Stuff.co.nz
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Liquidators of the hacked New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange company travelled to the US to retrieve crypto-assets.

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum Foundation Made $100 Million by Selling ETH at ATH

Author: Ali | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

According to a recent statement by Vitalik Buterin, he managed to convince the Ethereum Foundation to sell 70,000 ETH at the height of 2017’s parabolic run, resulting in a $100 million liquidity.

Bitcoin Volatility Dwindling, Has BTC Taken an Early Vacation?

Author: Martin Young | Website: Bitcoinist.com
Publish on: 12/14/2019

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are slowing down. There has been very little activity over the past week as volumes and volatility decline.

partisans’ ‘orbit’ masterplan for canadian future city takes cues from burning man

Author: philip stevens I designboom | Website: Designboom.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

the masterplan is also inspired by the UK's garden cities and israeli moshav communities.

How Crypto is Evolving into a Trustless Banking System With DeFi and Dai

Author: Martin Young | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

The primary pull of decentralized crypto assets is financial freedom from the flawed banking system. Bitcoin is one step but without greater adoption it is still just a speculative vehicle.

Cryptocurrency Bollinger Band Squeeze Will Spur Next Big Move

Author: Martin Young | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Technical indicators are getting to that stage where another big move is becoming imminent on cryptocurrency markets.

Quadriga creditors seek exhumation of founder Gerald Cotten's body in bid to retrieve £122 million in crypto

Author: Telegraph Reporters | Website: Telegraph.co.uk
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Lawyers representing the customers of a collapsed trading platform have demanded that the founder’s body is exhumed given what they claim are “questionable circumstances&rdq

Why Bitcoin Price Crossing $10,000 is so Important: Top Investor Explains

Author: Nick Chong | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

For some reason or another, Bitcoin investors have long gravitated to round numbers. $1, that’s important. $100, make sure you watch that level. $1,000, all hands on deck.

Warning to businesses over virtually unbeatable crypto mining virus & Business - Finance

Author: Darren Parkin of CoinRivet | Website: Express.co.uk
Publish on: 12/13/2019

CYBERSECURITY chiefs are warning businesses with computer networks to arm themselves against an almost unbeatable malware bot that uses infected computers to mine for cryptocurrency.

Ethereum’s Volatility Is at Multi-Year Lows; Is a Massive Movement Imminent?

Author: Cole Petersen | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Ethereum and the aggregated crypto markets have been caught in a firm downtrend since early-November, and dwindling trading volume has resulted in ETH and other cryptocurrencies facing an ongoing p

3 charged with running $722M cryptocurrency scam

Author: The Associated Press | Website: ABC News
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Three men who ran a cryptocurrency mining scheme that took in some $722 million have been charged with fraud conspiracy

He died with $190M of customers' crypto. Now they want to dig him up.

Author: Jack Morse | Website: Mashable
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Gerald Cotten died unexpectedly in December of 2018, but don't try telling that to the people who lost millions worth of cryptocurrency as a result.

Lawyers for victims of cryptocurrency fiasco ask to dig up dead CEO's body

Author: WND News Services | Website: Wnd.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

(YAHOO FINANCE) When cryptocurrency trading platform Quadriga’s CEO suddenly died of Crohn’s disease in India, he took the passwords to $214.6 million worth of client money with him.

3 Ways Enterprise Endpoint Security Can Prevent Data Breaches

Author: Ben Canner | Website: Solutionsreview.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

According to a study by Risk Based Security, data breaches continue to rise. In fact, breaches increased by 54 percent in the first half of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

Malware variety sees major growth in 2019

Author: Anthony Spadafora | Website: TechRadar
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Cybercriminals are changing their tactics to more effectively target users online according to new research from Kaspersky.

QuadrigaCX Victims Request Proof of Gerald Cotten’s Death By Exhuming Body

Author: Cointelegraph By Joeri Cant | Website: Cointelegraph.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Law firm Miller Thomson wants to exhume the body of Gerald Cotten, the deceased owner of now-defunct Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX

Stellar Tried to Give Away 2B XLM Tokens on Keybase. Then the Spammers Came

Author: Brady Dale | Website: Coindesk.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

What was advertised to be a $120 million giveaway will now be much less. Here's why.

Lead Defendant Pleads Guilty in Drug Conspiracy That Produced, Distributed Powerful Synthetic Opioid

Author: DOJ | Website: Fda.gov
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Guilty plea, drug conspiracy, synthetic opioid, opioid, Georgia, pill manufacturing, illegal, drug trafficking, Walker Forrester, Loganville GA, carfentanyl, alprazolam, marijuana, Kolbie Watters,

This Week In Credit Card News: Card Debt Nears 10-Year High; This Bank Will Pay You $15 To Use Its App

Author: Bill Hardekopf, Contributor, Bill Hardekopf, Contributor https://www.forbes.com/sites/billhardekopf/ | Website: Forbes.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

What took place this week in the credit card and payment industries

Bitcoin is Entering a Critical Junction; Here’s What Analysts are Saying

Author: Cole Petersen | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Analysts widely anticipated Bitcoin to begin incurring heightened volatility following its recent movement up to $7,500 that was instantly followed by a full retrace.

ILCoin’s Breakthrough In Blockchain Development Could Lead To State-Level Adoption, Here’s Why

Author: Mason Thibault | Website: Dailycaller.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Blockchain has been associated with cryptocurrency for over a decade now. It now at the forefront

‘Questionable’ death prompts call to exhume Quadriga CEO’s body

Author: Doug Alexander - Bloomberg | Website: Thestar.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

The “questionable circumstances” behind the death of QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Cotten last year has led lawyers representing customers of Cotten’s collapsed trading platform to request his body be exhu

US, China and the race for digital currency - Fox Business

Author: Blair Shiff | Website: Foxbusiness.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Paypal co-founder Max Levchin said the United States runs the risk of losing the digital currency battle if it doesn't fully digitize the dollar.

Episode #1951

Author:  | Website: Npr.org
Publish on: 12/13/2019

A group of cryptocurrency investors arrives in Puerto Rico with plans to change "everything" on the island and meets resistance from locals.

UK crypto payments firm to shut down due to new EU anti-money laundering guideline

Author: Celia Wan | Website: Yahoo.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Three months after raising a $2 million seed round, cryptocurrency payments startup Bottle Pay announced on Friday it is shutting down due to regulatory pressure from the European Union (EU).

Highest in 2 Years: 65% of Bitcoin Hash Power Is in China, Report Finds

Author: Omkar Godbole | Website: Coindesk.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

For all of bitcoin’s promise of being the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, 65 percent of the total hash power resides in China, according to a recent report by CoinShares R

Lawyers for QuadrigaCX customers ask RCMP to exhume body of Gerald Cotten - Global News

Author: Alexander Quon | Website: Globalnews.ca
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Lawyers for QuadrigaCX customers ask RCMP to exhume body of Gerald Cotten Global News Lawyers for victims of Quadriga fiasco ask to dig up dead CEO's body Yahoo Canada Finance Lawyers for Quad

Cyberthief Allegedly Used Ill-Gotten Gains to Buy Royalty Rights to Rap Songs

Author: Catie Keck | Website: Gizmodo.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

An alleged SIM-swapping scammer is accused of using his spoils to purchase cars, expensive jewelry and diamonds, and the royalty rights for rap music. Read more...

Faced with EU AML Regulations, Bitcoin Social Tipping Platform Terminates Service

Author: Rick D. | Website: Newsbtc.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

A popular service for tipping social network users has announced that it will cease functioning on New Year’s Eve.

Robinhood announces new Cash Management service with 2.05% interest on unspent brokerage funds (Update: Rolling out now at 1.8% APY)

Author: Zach Laidlaw | Website: Androidpolice.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Update 1 : 2019/12/13 11:51am PST This week, Robinhood started to roll out its Cash Management feature to a small number of users.

Disgraced Ex-Google Exec Andy Rubin Blocks Everyone on Twitter, and Good Riddance

Author: Tom McKay | Website: Gizmodo.com
Publish on: 12/13/2019

Android creator and disgraced former Google executive Andy Rubin has gone on some type of bizarre Twitter blocking spree, blocking virtually everyone who follows him on the site.